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25th European Congress of Psychiatry / European Psychiatry 41S (2017) S238–S302

Aims and objectives This project examined the different learning

outcomes of human factors, confidence and knowledge, for nurs-

ing, medical and allied health professionals followingmental health

simulation training.


Course-specific measures of confidence and knowledge

were administered pre- and post-training to all participants, in

addition to The Human Factors Skills for Healthcare Instrument

(HFSHI). A post-course evaluation for with free-text responses to

open questions regarding the impact of the training was utilised to

collect qualitative data.


With data collection ongoing, preliminary results indi-

cate differences in learning outcome depending on professional

background, both in terms of quantitativemeasures and qualitative



Learning outcomes may differ for different profes-

sionals despite receiving the same simulation training focusing on

mental and physical health, evidencing the importance of shar-

ing individual learning experiences in simulation using a debrief


Disclosure of interest

The authors have not supplied their decla-

ration of competing interest.