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25th European Congress of Psychiatry / European Psychiatry 41S (2017) S303–S364

Project is founded by the Asylum, migration and integration fund



PALOMA project focuses on exploring existing good

practices and weaknesses in mental health services in use for refu-

gees. The objectives of the project are to develop a national model

for effective mental health services for refugees and implement it

nationwide in Finland.


The aim of PALOMA Project is to develop a national model

for effective mental health services for refugees in Finland.


PALOMA Project includes three phases: data collection

(interviews, literature review, seminars), building the model in

expert groups and implementing the model.


As a result of PALOMA Project, there will be guidelines

for professionals working in different levels of administration with

refugees in Finland.


Refugees’ mental health andwellbeing will be impro-

ved as a result of better prevention, recognition and appropriate

care of mental health problems.

Disclosure of interest

The authors have not supplied their decla-

ration of competing interest.


Investigation of internet dependent

and depressive symptoms among

secondary school students

S. Karaca

1 ,

, E. Uyanık


, M. Kenc¸


, M. ˙Is¸ lek


, R. Aksu



E. Ongun


, G. Unsal Barlas



Marmara university faculty of health sciences, psychiatric nursing

department, Istanbul, Turkey


Marmara university faculty of health sciences, public health

nursing, Istanbul, Turkey


Memorial hospital, clinical nursing, Istanbul, Turkey


Private Atas¸ ehir hospital, clinical nursing, Istanbul, Turkey

Corresponding author.


Internet use and depression is a significant problem

regardless of social status and in almost all age groups. Internet

addiction in adolescents is considered to be the most important

risk groups.


This study was conducted to determine correlation

of Internet addiction and depressive symptoms among secondary

school students.


This research was conducted at two secondary public

schools in ˙Istanbul during 2015-2016 academic year. Ethics com-

mittee approval and permission was obtained from the Directorate

of National Education Institutions. The population of the study was

2121 students. The sample group was 1312 students who comple-

tely filled in measuring instruments. The measuring instruments

consisted of a personal information form, Internet Dependency

Scale (IDS) and Children’s Depression Inventory (CDI). The data

were analyzed with the descriptive statistical analysis and Pearson

correlation test.


The average of students’ age was 12.44


1.20. 50.2% of

the sample were women. 53.8% of the sample spent 1–2 hours per

day in Internet. Mean IDS point was 38.942


12.90 and mean CDI

point was 12.52


7.13. According to the IDS cutpoint; 80.9% of

students were normal users, 18,4% of them were high-risk users

and 0.6% of them were Internet dependents. According to the CDI

cutpoint, 16.8% of the students had depressive symptoms. A statis-

tically significant moderate correlation was found between mean

scores of CDI and IDS (


= 0.414;


< 0.01).


There is a relation between Internet dependent and

depressive symptoms. This finding supports the outcomes of pre-

viously performed studies.

Disclosure of interest

The authors have not supplied their decla-

ration of competing interest.


Satisfaction with psychiatric

in-patient care across 11 countries:

Final report of the IDEA-study

(inpatient discharge: experiences and


D. Krupchanka

1 ,

, H. Khalifeh


, G. Thornicroft



N. Sartorius


, IDEA research grou

p 2


National institute of mental health, department of social psychiatry,

Klecany, Czech Republic


Institute of psychiatry, psychology and neuroscience, King’s College

London, health service and population research department, London,

United Kingdom


Association for the improvement of mental health programmes,

Geneva, Switzerland

Corresponding author.


Satisfaction of patients with in-patient care is a rela-

tively rare focus of research in mental health.


The IDEA-study (inpatient discharge: experiences and

analysis) was initiated to shed the light on the issue internationally.


The IDEA project aimed to:

– develop a collaborative network of young psychiatrists;

– use this network to explore satisfaction of people treated in

psychiatric in-patient facilities in a range of high-, middle- and

low-income countries.


Study was conducted in 25 hospitals across 11 coun-

tries. We measured satisfaction with in-patient care using the

5-item study-specific questionnaire. Individual and institution

level correlates of “low satisfaction” were examined by com-

parisons of binary and multivariate associations in multilevel

regression models.


A final study sample consisted of 673 participants. Total

satisfaction scores were highly skewed towards positive responses.

After taking clustering into account, the only independent cor-

relates of low satisfaction were schizophrenia diagnosis and low

psychiatrist to patient ratio.


We could successfully establish a collaborative net-

work of early career psychiatrists from different parts of the world

and collect data in regards to the study aims. The positive skew of

satisfaction scores need to be carefully considered in the context of

literature and study limitations. In particularly, we suggest further

studies on patients’ satisfaction to pay more attention to treat-

ment expectations formed by the previous experience of treatment,

service-related knowledge, stigma and patients’ disempowerment,

power imbalance.

Disclosure of interest

The authors have not supplied their decla-

ration of competing interest.


Burnout as a form of mental health

problem among nurses in the


J.L. Lu

National institutes of health, university of the Philippines Manila,

institute of health policy and development studies, Manila,



Nurses are among the health professionals that are

confronted with burnout due to workload demands. The domi-

nance of females in the profession reinforce the prevailing notion

that the caring professions such as nursing are relegated to women.

This gives the study its gender perspective.


To determine the interaction between situational, fac-

tors, role stressors, hazard exposure and personal factors in the

largest tertiary hospital in the Philippines.